Episode Two- A Cold Midnight::

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Episode Two- A Cold Midnight::

Post by Shannon on Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:54 pm

Episode One is now coming to an end, and episode two is going to be the first major plot point that’s going to turn everything on it’s head. Please make sure that you have a summary up for each of your characters so that nothing is forgotten. 

  • Please use xkit or read mores so we don’t block up everyone’s dash. 

  • There’s not a time limit to replies, but please note we can’t move to the next episode until all of the threads are done.

  • As an extension to that, please don’t commit to a thread you can’t actively respond to it’s not fair to block up a character for someone else. 

  • Gifs and images are fun, you don’t need to post one every reply though (and please be aware of their size). 

  • Spread your wings, meet new people make new and surprising connections! 

  • Please try to plan! Open starters are great but we’d like to limit that to only one per character. Try instead to reach out to other characters be it ooc or through chats, to plot and plan and figure out where your lovely ocs are going!!

Setting: The weather has been getting progressively colder as our ocs’ started their new lives at the camp. Two weeks have passed since Beck and Vasiliy have been put in a mysterious quarantine, they’re out now.  A storm is drawing in, the sky darker… snow starts to fall. At first its slow and beautiful, but then it turns into something more dangerous. To make matters worse, the cold is affecting the water works and the little bit of electricity that the camp has going. 

Required Thread: An In character chat thread with Romero. It’ll be a physical/mental health checkup, and there will be no exceptions. 

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